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Turn me from the 'spare driver' into the main driver- Prez Mahama
From: Ghana|Myjoyonline.com|Nathan Gadugah          Published On: November 21, 2012, 23:41 GMT
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 Turn me from the 'spare driver' into the main driver- Prez Mahama

President Mahama and Nana Akufo-Addo Photo by David Andoh

President John Mahama has called on Ghanaians to renew his mandate to complete the job his predecessor John Mills started.

He said that the time has come to change his from status 'spare driver' to driver.

In his closing remarks to a stimulating IEA Presidential Debate held in Accra, Wednesday, he told voters that, “the NDC government has done a lot in four years. Our constitution gives presidents two terms. Take it that I am the spare driver or caretaker. Prof. Mills, of blessed memory, started the process and I am finishing his unexpired term. I believe the NDC government deserves a second term to be able to build on the foundation that it has laid in these four years. I am certain that Ghanaians will vote for me and turn me from the spare driver that I have been described as into the actual driver leading us to our destination.”

The debate covered several key issue including corruption, decentralisation, oil and gas, gender equity and foreign policy.

Speaking on women’s issues, Mahama promised to institute a fund to support women in their quest to aspire for public office.

On the subject of foreign policy, Mahama’s leading opponent Nana Akufo-Addo promised to end to the “dzi wo fie asem” foreign policy introduced by the late president John Mills. "Dzi wo fie asem" is an Akan saying that literally means "mind your own business".

That policy, he noted, has derailed Ghana’s international prospects even to the point that countries suspect Ghana of harbouring dissidents to destabilise neighbouring countries.

CPP leader Abu Sakara said in his closing remarks that on December 7, Ghanaians will be faced with the choice between prosperity for all or prosperity for just a few.

He said that only a section of the population currently enjoys the nation’s wealth and the time has come to make this wealth accessible to all. That can only be done, he said, under a CPP government.

PNC leader Hassan Ayariga confidently predicted that he will win the presidency in a one touch victory.

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