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Young eligible voters undecided
From: Ghana| Joy News Television| Seyram Abla De-Souza          Published On: November 30, 2012, 22:57 GMT
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Young eligible voters undecided

Dr. Kwadjo Afari Gyan, Chairman of the Electoral Commission

Among the many ‘can dos’ most teens approaching eighteen look forward to, is the right to vote. It however turns out that some young adults, who got the chance to get their names on the voters' register, are not so keen about voting this December.

In a matter of days, Ghana will go to the polls to elect a president and 275 parliamentary candidates. While this process affords some the opportunity to exercise their franchise, others will be thumb-printing the ballot paper for the first time, an experience only participants can share; but what would make you give up the opportunity to have a say in who steers the affairs of your country and register just for the voter ID card?

An 18 year old Visual Arts student at CHEMU Senior High School cites religion as his reason for not going to cast his ballot on December 7th. He however managed to queue for the voter Identification Card and religion was not an excuse then.

With just about a week to election, Ghana stands the risk of losing most of her young and first time voters to in-decision. While they wallow in a state of indecision, their mates who turned 18 after the registration deadline wished they had the chance to register.

They however take solace in the fact that there will be another election next four years. Perhaps, the EC’s assurance that the problem will be addressed when it rolls out a continuous registration exercise next year to ensure that people register immediately they turn 18 is the solution we have been waiting for

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