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Parties rally support in final mammoth rallies
From: Ghana/Myjoyonline.com/Nathan Gadugah/Isaac Essel          Published On: December 5, 2012, 16:15 GMT
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Parties rally support in final mammoth rallies

The two major political parties are rounding up years and months of political campaigns with mammoth rallies, Wednesday, ahead of the crucial general election on Friday.

And both have chosen the centre of Accra-the Accra International Trade Fair Centre for the NDC and the Efua Sutherland Children's Park for the NPP as venues for the rallies.

Already the capital city is awash with colours and paraphernalia of the two leading parties with cars- private and commercial- honking.


NPP Nana Akufo-Addo: Have toured the nation – every nook and cranny – but the difference has been shown today - that the NPP has elders.

Thanks all for coming in their numbers. Observed a minute of silence for the late former Vice President Aliu Mahama.

We have two days for the election, poverty would be removed with just our thumps for a proper government to takeover and improve the lives of Ghanaians.

This year waged straight forward campaign themes; NPP is determined to transform the economy of the country.

Told Ghanaians coming to correct the economy and stabilize the cedi to make it strong – like one dollar one cedi unlike NDC one dollar two cedis.

Dr Bawumia helped Kufuor’s government to achieve a strong cedi, and that is one of the reasons why I chose him to continue with that and help develop the country.

Ensure that the raw material exporting economy would seize with industrialization and value addition to create jobs for the people of Ghana.

Would give competitive labour force by providing every child free SHS education.

Done the calculation and we know we can do it, - it must be done and it will be done. The NDC is collapsing the legacies of Kufuor like the NHIS, but it will be revived for all to have quality healthcare.

Our opponent response to our campaign is in two ways – Mahama says the NPP is lying to Ghanaians because there is no money, sometimes they say it can be done but not now. The other part is that ede bee keke, but Ghanaians are going to tell them you dey goo keke. We are going to show them the red card on Friday; we are going to get rid of nonperforming and vindictive government by the grace of your thump. Build on the foundation kufuor left, developing the economy, developing freedom of the society and make it possible for every Ghanaian to participate in the development of Ghana

People at the cross road of history – take the right direction and there is prosperity ahead. Foundation has been done by Kufuor made and he will build on it and make the nation prosperous. We are coming to strengthen the unity of our country and promote reconciliation – not chastise people and be vindictive by sacking people who are not NDC members from their jobs.

Farmers do not need party card to produce or access cocoa mass spraying – that is the Ghana we want to build.
Ensure that every Ghanaians freedom is guaranteed. We won’t rule with wickedness and selectiveness.

Corruption would not be countenance. All including the president is under the law. No Wayome (judgment debt) under my leadership.

Kufuor has worked hard during our campaign and deserve special thanks and appreciation.

Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings says everybody should vote for me, Nana Akufo-Addo. We thank her. What is important is that on Friday every registered voter should cast his or her votes. They should not fear, God will bring good news to Ghana after Friday.

Every independent candidate is no longer with the party and should be rejected in the parliamentary election.

He is sure his roommate at the University of Ghana, Dr Afari Gyan will declare him winner of the election.

NPP Former President Kufuor: The air blowing around indicates that the NPP is coming back to power. God has given Ghana everything except one thing – the only factor left to transform Ghana economically, socially for better living better living is leadership.

We don’t just come by leadership because you are handsome. It must be nurtured. One thing in our tradition is that one has to be an apprentice and well trained to become a leader. After Busia’s era no leadership like that ruled Ghana until NPP came back to power and due to that apprenticeship experience they could formulate policies. First law that NPP repeal was criminal libel law. NDC has many stations but putting out lies but the NPP felt people have to feel free and talk freely that is why that law was repeal and people indeed felt free.

Economy, within a short time we transformed Ghana’s economy – there was a paradigm shift, that is HIPC it took a lot of agonizing to do that and lives were improved. Now banks started calling people for loan, but due to good living people forgot their past and voted the NPP out.

Whether NDC likes it or not NPP brought oil and gas. As far back as 2006 I predicted Ghana would be harvesting a million ton of cocoa, but NDC is taking credit. It is time for Ghana to rise up.

Hopeful Ghanaians will vote for Nana Addo and NPP parliamentarians. Akufo-Addo has a good team to constitute wise and strong government to uplift the life of Ghanaians.

NDC can’t explain their own social democracy. Would see pragmatic governance under Akufo-Addo will be like.

Confident the free SHS would be implemented and even wards of NDC will benefit.

Agriculture, NPP trained farmers and irrigated farms.

Rule of law – believe in equality of all citizens of Ghana. Nana would not allow people to undermine the rule of law like the gargantuan judgement debts experienced under NDC. The right leadership Ghana needs is coming with Nana Addo being the president.

Most voters are within the age bracket of 20-25.

NPP Dr Mahamudu Bawumia: NDC gave a bitter and wahala Ghana. It is time for a change and December 7 is the date to change the future of this nation and change for the right direction.

NDC has not been able to deliver. After 19 years of PNDC/NDC the economy of Ghana grew 4 billion but after 8 yrs of NPP it was moved to 30billion - this is the difference. NPP introduce the NHIS, NYEP, School Feeding, Free Maternal Care, MASLOC, LEAP from a HIPIC low income economy. So with the oil the free SHS is possible.

On December 7 we are moving in a new direction, era of corrupt governance would be over, higher interest rate, high unemployment would be over. Add value to Ghana’s raw material. Nana will deliver job, good education and quality healthcare.

NPP Nana Agyenim Boateng of UFP: Our flagbearer Odike needs Nana Addo’s free education, the best policy, a policy for the future. All should vote for Nana Addo and not Odike.

NPP Abu Ramadan: I have endorsed Nana Addo because of free education and asking all PNC youth to vote for Nana Akufo-Addo. All the smaller parties would be wasting their votes if they vote for their respective candidates, should vote for the Nana Addo because he is the winning candidate

NDC President John Mahama

I have a problem with my voice. This is what one and half months of talking has done to me. I thank the Greater Accra NDC executives for organizing this short but massive campaign. I want to use this opportunity to thank all and volunteers and all the Mahama fan clubs. Even mad men want to form mad men for Mahama. Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered a critical stage in the election.

Elections are won or lost on the day of the elections itself. We must police the poll and be vigilant. If the election is peaceful and all abide by the rules, NDC will win the elections. People are planning to unleash evil on this country. We must stop them. Our constitution says a president can be voted for another term after serving his first four year term.

With the work we have done in four years, our opponent think we are given another four years our opponents know they cannot come to power in 2016 and are therefore desperate. It is not the time to talk policy. Our education programme is solid. For our political opponents they are the ones who increased SHS to four years without building a single infrastructure for it. Common sense should tell somebody that after increasing the tenure to four years you should build more schools but they failed to do so. Ghana must not adopt free SHS on the desperate political promise of somebody who wants to be president. God will speak. His will, will be done and I will be voted as president. Thank you all. I promise you i will be a president for all Ghanaians. Ghana needs a president who is not arrogant and who eschews violence.

NDC Nii Amasa Namoale
We have finished everything. Today is the final of everything. It is going to be a massive one touch victory for NDC. Mahama will beat ex-president Rawlings’ record with over 60 per cent of total votes cast.

NPP Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie : The nation is not at war, security sending three armoured vehicles to each regions but 10 sent to the Ashanti Region but the NPP would not be scared by that. Was certain the NPP will win. People should queue before 4 am and after voting no one should go home to ensure that nobody steals the ballot boxes.

Nana Akufo-Addo puts his hope in God and would not be disappointed on Friday. Every NPP supporter should wear party T-shirts and fly its flags tomorrow.

NPP Rebecca Akufo-Addo: Friday we are going to vote, my Ga relatives go and vote for Nana Akufo-Addo to change your standard of living, we are all hungry. Nana Addo is bringing jobs and free education.

NPP Samira Bawumia : I plead with you to vote according to your standard of living, we all want improvement, if people do not patronize your items on the market , and people cannot buy at the market it is due to poor management. But the NDC says all is well because they have stolen Ghanaians money and enjoying it alone.

NPP Nana Akomea: Mahama promised free education as captured in a tape during his interview with a radio station in 2008, and yet they could not do. 1970 had free education but when the NPP is promising free education, the NDC is opposing it. Woyome’s money can even be used to finance the free SHS for three years.

NPP Obetsebi-Lamptey: The election is about choosing a management team to manage our property as a family. Some will come forward to attempt managing it with promises to double the shops, but after a year they are not making profit and making your shop bankrupt, what you do is to sack him and bring a new person.

Former president Mills promised heaven on earth - reduce fuel, put money in peoples’ pockets etc, etc, but after four years they have done nothing, rather shared the money among themselves, therefore we have to sack them.

Nana Addo and NPP say they will transform the economy through empowerment so that Ghanaians can take charge of companies here. It is a good vision to do that through education.

In the next four years if the NPP delivers, they should be given four more years, if not vote against the NPP. This is not a matter of breaking bones on Friday. The NDC can’t force their mandate on us, the NPP will resist that. Everybody should vote early for the NPP to bring brighter future for Ghanaians.

NDC Cadman Atta Mills

I have been all over Ghana campaigning for the Mills, Mahama agenda which is now the Mahama Amissah-Arthur agenda and I have absolute faith in John Mahama. I know John Mahama. I have worked with him for four years. I call him a listener, an integrator and a synthesizer. He enhances the consensus and I call him the enhancer. If you don’t like a man like this, which other man do you like? John Mahama is a president in whom I am well pleased and in whom the family of the late President Mills is well pleased. As you vote on Friday, remember the late president Mills and vote for peace.

NPP Yaw Osafo Maafo: Friday we are going to vote, asked yourself why are you going to vote, if you can answer then you know you should vote for Nana Addo.

We are going to vote for our future, we don’t want a routine president, every president who would say I will provide schools, equip the security, construct roads etc, we need a president who would think out of the box and do extra ordinary things that people never thought of them.

Nana Addo will add value to Ghana’s raw material.

Mahama is doing something that beats my understanding. Nana says he will bring free SHS, but when Prez Mahama is asked what he will do, he only says Nana cannot do it. He has no vision for Ghana. Free SHS has been thought through carefully and it is possible.

Kwame Nkrumah did not build secondary school before starting free education. Nobody will tell you he did not have shelter or seat to sit on in school, he or she will tell you the parent could not afford the fees.

NPP I.C. Quaye:
When victory arrives you see the enemies falling apart. The days of the NDC are numbered. Today NPP will raise down the NDC the voice of the people has come to speak.

Nana speaks wisdom, and Jesus said let the children come to me they are the kingdom of God. Seeking of knowledge is obligatory on every soul – children as well. If this is contained in the Holy Qu’ran, why won’t you vote for free and quality education. No stealers in heaven, so the will of God be done on 7th December. Everyone who prays that what is done in heaven should be done on earth should vote for Nana Akufo-Addo on Friday.

They can do what they want but God will judge them. Qu’ran says those who will go to hell are the cowards.

After voting, we would see who will dare to steal ballot boxes. Ghanaians attested that Nana Addo has done a lot of work, less than 48 hours and the voice of the people would be clear.


The Chairman of the NDC Dr Kwabena Adjei calls for vigilance during the polls.

Local Government Minister, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo NDC is synonymous to development. President Mahama has now been labeled “Mr Asphalt” because of his track record of road infrastructure. NDC has executed over 15,000 projects within three years. We have created over 40 new districts and have made available to them their common funds for development.
Ghanaians have accepted the culture of eight years. That culture started with Ex-President John Rawlings from 1992-2000, and ex-president Kufuor from 2001-2008. The tradition must continue. Give John Mahama another four years to continue the tradition of eight years.

NPP Alan Kyeremateng:
It is time for the electorate to vote for the person to lead Ghana. Should consider party that brought development to Ghana before.

Worked with Nana for many years and if you want a caring person, then it is Nana Addo, if you consider what Kufuor did and the vision of Nana Akufo-Addo they tally and he is the one to vote for.

NPP Kennedy Agyapong: NPP doesn’t want confusion and also hates nonsense. The NDC have planned to rig the elections. When the election is held in a fair manner they will bring confusion. Parents should advise their children that when they are dressed in Yaw Boateng’s military uniforms to snatch ballot boxes, they would be dealt with.

At Nsawam, in OB. Amoah’s constituency, NDC have gone for a house at Midie to train soldiers. At all cost they want to win power. Betty Mould Iddrisu rented a house in Kumasi belonging to a bank manager for militants, and accused one Boat of leading the militants

All should be alert, doubted if someone can snatch the ballot boxes with people around. People should therefore go to polling centres with food to man the process 8 hours to prevent NDC from rigging the election.

President Mahama enjoyed free education, but he says he doesn’t like free education today, but we like it. On December 7, all-die-be-die

NDC Electric Atmosphere

Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng and Elton John Brobbey who are stationed at the International Trade Fair Centre reports the atmosphere is electric.

Supporters, thousands of them, are charged, singing and chanting party slogans. Ministers of State, party functionaries are addressing the supporters and taking them through the steps for a successful voting ceremony.

General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia says, the NPP knows it will lose so they are setting the stage for violence by saying they will not provoke any violence but will retaliate when attacked. He assures that NDC will not start any attack and will not even retaliate when attacked.
He dispels allegations that the NDC is sharing police uniforms to macho men to cause mayhem.

NPPMoctar Bamba: we have to get our own security, even though the security would be there. NPP will only accept transparent, free and fair election results.

Report anyone who gives you two or more ballot papers, EC is determined to cancelled and bloated result.

Should insist a paper with the EC stamp. NPP ever ready for the battle ahead.

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