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NPP must show leadership and accept defeat - Kwesi Jonah
From: Ghana | Radio XYZ          Published On: December 12, 2012, 06:56 GMT
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NPP must show leadership and accept defeat - Kwesi Jonah

Kwesi Jonah

Political Science Lecturer Kwesi Jonah says main opposition flagbearer, Nana Akufo Addo risks being sidelined by the international community if he adduces no substantial evidence to prove the 2012 elections were rigged as his party claims.

The Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Democratic Governance says the executives of the NPP must also show leadership to reign in their riotous followers who have threatened violence on the streets if the Electoral Commission doesn’t reverse the election results.

“The party leaders, the flagbearer especially and the executives should show leadership if the ordinary members of the party feel like taking mob action it is up to the leadership of the party to calm them down” Mr. Jonah said.

Kwesi Jonah in an interview with Accra based Radio XYZ said the country could be thrown into chaos if the NPP does not control its members.

He added that “if the party feels very strongly that there is something wrong with the way the elections were conducted they have every right to pursue their leadership through legitimate channels.

“They should also listen to independent bodies that observed the election; we should look at their judgment very critically, CODEO, AU, ECOWAS observer mission and other observers say that these elections were reasonably free, fair and credible elections.

“The NPP just risk isolation from the international community, there will be nobody within the international community or the local scenes who would support you and I don’t think it would be good enough.”

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