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MPs appalled by state of public address system in Parliament
From: Ghana|Joy News|Myjoyonline.com          Published On: February 3, 2013, 10:46 GMT
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MPs appalled by state of public address system in Parliament

Some back benchers in Parliament are complaining about the poor nature of public address system in the House.

Joy News has learnt that some of the microphones in the chamber are not working, leaving some Members of Parliament (MPs) with no option than to share microphones in good conditions with others.

On the sidelines of the ongoing orientation and induction programme for members of the sixth Parliament, some new MPs could not hide their frustrations but to complain.

“I am disappointed...because we were assured by the leadership of the House that coming back from recess we will definitely see major changes within the chamber. But as it stands now, that is not the case...,” one MP (names withheld) told Joy News.

“We need to have a major change in the chamber if indeed we want to work in a very convenient and more comfortable environment...”

The MP threatened that if things do not change soon they may be compelled to register their displeasure on the floor of the House.

Another MP said: “The place is crowded, some of us have had to share microphones and others don’t even have because the back benchers their, microphones are not working and it’s very difficult for you to have the chance to speak...”

“We have come in here to work for the people who voted for us and we expect that the Parliamentary Service Board will do their best to ensure that we have the necessary environment to be able to work,” he demanded.
Meanwhile, the leadership of the house say plans are underway to replace all faulty microphones in the chamber.

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