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Amidu indicts new AG; charges Mahama to remove the Woyome albatross on their necks
From: Ghana|Myjoyonline.com|Nathan Gadugah          Published On: February 20, 2013, 19:34 GMT
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Amidu indicts new AG; charges Mahama to remove the Woyome albatross on their necks

A former Attorney General who describes himself as a citizen vigilante has charged President John Mahama to show commitment in the judgement debt case against businessman Alfred Woyome and two other companies, Waterville and Austro Invest.

Martin Amidu said the president has a historic opportunity to bring an end to the controversial judgement scandal which is hanging like an albatross on the government’s neck.

He said the government has so far been tardy in its attempt to retrieve monies paid fraudulently to Woyome and his counterparts and urged President Mahama to make a name for himself as a president who will not countenance any act of corruption.

“Let the government demonstrate clearly that this 52 million cedis, it is interested in putting it behind it.

“When you look at the prosecution in court, it is tardy. They are not doing it well. It is like anything that concerns this Woyome case the government is not interested.

“…President Mahama has got a chance to make history for himself by demonstrating to the whole world that he would not countenance these corrupt things which are going on.

“This is his last chance,” Amidu told journalists at the Fast track High Court in Accra where he is asking the court to order Woyome, Waterville and Austro Invest to refund all monies paid to them jointly and severally.

The former AG who was sacked by the late President Mills on charges of misconduct said his second successor Mrs. Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong will not be able to retrieve the monies paid to the defendants because she has an interest.

According to him, the present AG once represented Austro-Invest Management which is a respondent in the suit.

He found it intriguing that the chambers of Marietta Appiah Oppong went ahead to defend Austro invest when it knew the company had liquidated but the owner was in Ghana pursuing money they were not deserving of.

“When you have an Attorney General whose chambers was defending somebody like that nature, and we have been served with a paper; the only reason why they will not act to get Austro-Invest properly dealt with is that they themselves were defending Austro-Invest at a time when it had been liquidated,” he stated.

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