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Justice Kpegah’s writ is flawed and out of order- Frank Davies
From: Ghana | Joy News TV | Abigail Adomaku Antwi          Published On: March 21, 2013, 22:56 GMT
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Justice Kpegah’s writ is flawed and out of order- Frank Davies

Justice Kpegah is a retired Supreme Court Justice. He has sued Nana Akufo Addo for impersonation

President of the Greater Accra branch of the Ghana Bar association, Frank Davies has expressed disappointment over the writ issued by Justice Francis Kpegah suing the NPP’s 2012 presidential candidate in the High Court for impersonation.

On Multi TV’s Current Affairs program, pm:EXPRESS, he made it clear that the writ was flawed and out of order.

In the first paragraph of the writ, Justice Kpegah stated that he was a retired Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, which according to Frank Davies, does not exist in the Justice structure of Ghana.

He also raised issues with the spelling of Nana Addo’s name in Justice Kpegah’s writ, specifically pointing to the spelling of “Akuffo” with a double “F” instead a single, as is the correct way Nana Addo spells it.

Frank Davies, who described himself as a “Member of Nana Addo’s legal team”, was amazed that even the bulk of the National Democratic Congress did not realize that the NPP’s 2012 presidential candidate was impersonating during his vetting for the position of Minister of Justice and Attorney General, having gone on to qualify to contest for the position of President of Ghana.
He insisted that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo had met all qualifications to practice as a lawyer in Ghana, and has been licensed to do so.

“Between 1976 and 2001 Nana Addo has been reported 64 times in the Ghana law reports and he has been president of the Greater Accra Aar Association” he said.

A member of the NDC legal team,Victor Adawudu, who was also on the show, called on Nana Addo to clear the air by telling Ghanaians that he is William Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo on Ghana’s Lawyers roll as trumpeted by his legal team.

“Every lawyer practicing in Ghana must have their names on the lawyers roll so one do not qualify to be a lawyer if his or name is not on the roll”
Victor Adawuda however believes the case is purely legal and must be treated as such urging Nana Addo to appear in court to file a defense.

The issue of whether Nana Akufo Addo is the same person on the Roll of Lawyers as Number 1190, and whether indeed Justice Kpegah as a Senior former Justice of the Supreme Court was right in imputing a serious allegation of impersonation against him, has attracted a lot of public debate.

While there are questions about the intent of Justice Kpegah, who is known to have sympathies to the ruling NDC, some have also raised legal arguments that, this suit is not a legal novelty and that, the Senior Supreme Court Justice is squarely within his right in taking that action.

Victor Adawudu shares this view and says, this is a simple matter than can be determined so swiftly by the High Court to put matters to rest.

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