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No politician can stop corruption in Ghana- Kofi Jumah
From: Ghana|MultiTV|Famous Kwesi Atitsogbe          Published On: May 14, 2013, 15:15 GMT
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No politician can stop corruption in Ghana- Kofi Jumah

Maxwell Kofi Jumah

Former Member of Parliament for the Asokwa constituency in the Ashanti region, Maxwell Kofi Jumah has emphasized that no politician can stop corruption in Ghana and that Ghanaians in themselves are very corrupt.

He reiterated that "no politician will be able to fight corruption in Ghana and that until Ghanaians themselves decide that they are not going to be corrupt, and demand honesty from their leaders, Ghana will not be corrupt-free."

He blamed Ghanaians for being gullible and allowing politicians to deceive them with empty promises of making the country corrupt-free.

He said there was never any motivation for him to promise outlandish stuff during any of his political campaigns.

Speaking on Tarzan’s Take on Multi TV last Sunday, he said he came into politics not to make money, but rather to serve his people, after living in America for over fifteen years and chalking some successes in life for himself.

He said coming in as a parliamentary candidate after serving in office as Mayor of Kumasi, the perception was that he had a lot of money, something he admits to, which he says he doled out during his campaigns and when he was in office as an MP.

He admitted that he borrowed money once from the bank and decided he wouldn’t do that anymore to finance his politics because he wasn’t that desperate to get elected and that he has been lucky to receive a lot of support from friends and colleagues from the US and Ivory Coast towards his political campaigns.

His bluntness with the truth, he explains, is what has seen him out of Parliament. He recounted his decision to draw the lines in the run-up to the 2012 NPP primaries leading up to the general elections, saying his people will come to him saying “honourable, your opponents says if you give 200, they will give 400, if you go 400, they will go 800. Infact they have offered to take people outside the country and stuff like that, and I said look here, I am not going to do it, so you go with it, so the day of the elections, I didn’t even show up.”

Kofi Jumah lamented that as a politician, you are invited to a church harvest as chairman or guest speaker, ‘not because you can speak well or as the most honest person on earth but because you are perceived to have money, however it was made, and that you will be able to share some of the loot.’
He warned that not until the average person and institution say ‘we don’t want any dirty money and as a result if you have dirty money, take it and shove it, we can preach till thy kingdom come, Ghana will still be corrupt’. ‘We should stop the hypocrisy’ he concluded.

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