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Donít attempt to destabilize Ghana-Ade Coker warns conspirators
From: Ghana|Asempa News| Twum Barima          Published On: July 19, 2013, 13:17 GMT
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Donít attempt to destabilize Ghana-Ade Coker warns conspirators

Ade Coker

The Greater Accra Regional chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Joseph Ade Coker has warned those plotting to cause mayhem after the Presidential Election verdict of the Supreme Court to reconsider their decision.

According to him there are some unseen faces that may be planning to destabilize the country if the election petition did not go their way and warned such people will not be countenanced.

He was joining calls by Civil Society groups for parties in the petition, the NDC and NPP to sensitize their supporters before the verdict of the case is given.

The petition which started April 16 this year is gradually coming to an end, as the Supreme Court breaks to make parties in the case file their addresses by July 31.

Speaking on Asempa FMís Ekosii-Sen on Thursday, Ade Coker noted that the country will rather be united after the verdict of the Supreme Court.

He urged the youth to desist from being used as object of violence by ďsome unseen politicians and big menĒ.

He observed that the Election Petition has created tension in the country therefore quick settlement of the matter will set the country free.

ďI am urging the youth not to allow themselves to be used by some politicians and big men to foment trouble after the case. Some people who think that the verdict didnít go their way may try to plot against the nation but I am warning them not to attempt because Ghana only needs peace. What we should all tell the world now is that we are united so after the verdict, we should all accept itĒ he stated.

He asserted that elections are won at polling stations, opining that after the petition hearing nothing will change because Ghanaians have spoken through the ballot.

"It is God who installs kings and gave us one in December so I think we are moving as a country. Elections are always won at the polling station so I think nothing will change after the court caseĒ.

The NDC stalwart admonished both parties in the petition case to accept the verdict of the court because at the end of it all it is Ghana that should move forward.

He urged civil society groups and the political parties to make peace an integral part of message ahead of the verdict in order for people to accept the results easier.

The Regional Chairman of the governing party pledged that the NDC will not do anything that will hurt the peace of the nation after the petition hearing.

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